Since 2003, Tanglaw Ng Buhay with its sister foundation, Motortrade Life and Livelihood Assistance Foundation, Inc. (MLALAF) has been conducting the Alternative Learning System (ALS) program in urban poor communities all over Metro Manila. Our ALS program (then called Non Formal Education or NFE) which started with just a few learning centers continued to grow in terms of outreach area, staff and learners, network, partners and churches. More churches, local government leaders and individuals who have seen the impact of the program in their communities availed of our program in other places as they witnessed the impact of ALS to the out-of-school youth and adults (OSYA).

Although the ALS program focuses on the OSYA, the Foundation was well aware of the other pressing needs of the communities and individuals we are serving.

We soon started to offer college scholarship, children’s feeding program, mission outreaches and relief projects. And after several years, the ALS of LALAF continued to respond to the needs of the community. We now realized that ALS is no longer our main program. ALS has introduced LALAF to a wide range of community projects. It has become one component of our strategy in reaching out to the lost, the least and the last of the society.

It is in this context that we are now launching our Leading Individuals for Excellence in Christ (LIFEINC) Program which captures the vision God is now directing us to pursue.

TNB ALS Program


We are a catalyst of positive transformation, establishing community learning centers that equip lifelong learners with academic excellence and biblical values producing quality life and responsible citizens of our nation.


We want to see communities of passionate lifelong learners for the glory of God.



What We Do


The Foundation’s Scholarship are made to help aspiring college students to pursue their tertiary education and support them with their endeavors. The Foundation help the following students through Global College Scholarship. Under the Scholarship are the following programs:

  • Financial Assistance of the Students
  • Third and Fourth Year Students Scholarship
  • Qualified A&E passers under LALAF are given scholarship as they enter college or other vocational training
  • Leadership Training

Buhay (Batang Unique Hinango sa Anyo ni Yahweh) Musmos

While many of poor areas lack food, money and resources, children are just most of these families have plenty of. As a result, it is the youngsters who suffer the most. It is inevitable for us to offer programs that would inspire hope to the little ones. Buhay Musmos is a response to this need. In the meantime, we hold the following programs in some of our communities. It is our goal to develop Buhay Musmos in the days to come

  • Feeding Program
  • Bible Study Daily
  • Vacation Bible School

Mission Outreaches and Community Projects

As a recognized catalyst in the community, we respond to immediate needs of the community as the Spirit leads us. Relief operations, community service, medical mission and assistance during untoward events such as fire or calamities are just some of the projects we were able to offer for the past years.

Events & Announcements

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