The TNB Foundation Inc. supports the people in different communities through microfinance. For years the foundation has been reaching thousands of lives through this department, teaching the partners about financial stewardship, savings, livelihood and leading them closer to God.

Under this department are the following programs:

Dagdag Puhunan

Six-month termed loan which aims to help the micro-entrepreneurs.

Financial Stewardship

The Foundation provides training which aims to teach partners about cash flow, savings, budgeting and investing.

Livelihood Program

The Foundation gives free training for the improvement of the partners' livelihood.

Disaster and Relief Programs

The foundation partners with local churches (e.g. CCF) by providing relief goods to the people who has been affected by a calamity.

What We Do

  • We upgrade micro-entrepreneurial skills by providing essential and relevant BUSINESS ENHANCEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT TRAININGS.
  • We support livelihood activities through MICROFINANCE. We offer savings (Capital Build-Up) and 6 Months loan (P3,000-P25,000) with affordable weekly payment for micro-entrepreneurs.
  • We give second chances to out of school youth and adults through the ALTERNATIVE LEARNING SYSTEM (ALS). 10-month free “high school equivalent review classes.
  • We give hope to poor and deserving students by granting SCHOLARSHIPS. Tuition Fee scholarship for 3rd year college and above students.
  • We partner with churches to spiritually nurture the micro-entrepreneurs through FELLOWSHIP MEETINGS and VALUE ENRICHMENT SEMINARS.



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